Stray Dogs Again

Areas of North Oak Cliff have continued to see problems with a pack of stray dogs. Animal Control picked up several dogs from a pack in the Winnetka Heights area, but they are still looking for the rest of the pack. From Councilman Scott Griggs’ office:

If you have tips of stray dogs in your neighborhood please follow instructions below:

If someone is being actively menaced or attacked by a dog, call 911. If it isn’t an emergency but you see??dogs loose in the area, please note as much information as you can about them (number, color, location, direction of travel, etc.). During business hours, contact the Animal Rapid Response line at?? 214-670-FAST (3278). If it’s after hours, please call 311 (For mobile phones, call 214-670-5111) and be patient. Please also pass along the information to our office, so that we can ensure Animal Services management is on the case. Pictures and videos are gladly accepted by us.

Animal Services can’t dispatch its officers based on each report, so they compile the reports from 311 and other sources on a weekly basis to plan systematic sweeps of areas with frequent reports of dog problems.

Thank you for assistance with catching these dogs!