NOCUPP Alert: Recent Garage Burglaries in Kessler Park and Kings Highway – Edgefield, Winnetka, Clinton and Turner

There have been a number of garage break in the last several weeks in both Kessler Park and Kings Highway. These have occurred in the 900 to 1100 blocks of Turner, Clinton, Winnetka and Edgefield since the beginning of September and much more activity has occurred recently. Quite a few of these have happened at night. In one case the garage was not locked (or the door was not forced open), but in others the lock was cut off or the door forced. Make sure your garages and storage shed are secure as possible because until caught, this person will come back and hit other house in the area. Please also keep lights on in the backyard and alley areas.

The best thing that can be done is for people to report anything suspicious. If you hear a break in noise or see someone in your neighbor???s driveway who you have not seen before and they are not home, please report it. If it is at night and it is any where near suspicious report it to 911. The police officers love to respond to this type of incident because they like to catch people in the act an we would rather have a couple of false alarm calls and catch the person then let them run amuck for two months.

In the past, when this has happened we had a month or more of incidents and the suspects get bolder each time, so we need to act now.

Please be on the lookout for people near garages and storage sheds and report any suspicious activity to 911 immediately!!! Let’s catch this person quickly, and to do so we need everyone on alert.

Burglary Arrest in Stevens Park Village

A NOCUPP officer caught a burglar in the act in Stevens Park Village while on NOCUPP patrol yesterday. ??The man was arrested and already on probation for aggravated robbery, and taken back into jail. ??Hopefully his probation will be permanently revoked now.

Wednesday October 15th


Please be on Alert for People Posing as Utility Employees

There has been several reports lately of a burglar going around to North Oak Cliff homes posing as a utility company employee.?? The clipboard toting suspect in his 40s or 50s knocked on the door and asks questions, and then in one case asked the residents to evacuate the home so he could turn off their gas line.?? In the one case he was pretending to work for Oncor and the resident told him they were leaving soon, and he said he would come back.?? He did come back when they were gone and robbed their house.?? A legitimate employee would have had an Oncor or Atmos truck and he would have been in full uniform with a photo id badge showing the company logo.


We have also had reports of people posing as AT&T or Cable or security alarm company employees and asking inappropriate questions, which we believe was a chance to determine if the house was worth robbing at a future date.???? The security alarm scammers offer a ???free inspection??? of your house to ???show you??? where you have security issues while they are finding your weak points and checking out your valuable so they can come back. ????These burglars and scam artist particularly pray on the elderly, but they can scam anyone.?? ??Legitimate employees will be wearing uniforms with the utility logo on them, and should always have a id badge showing their picture and the company logo and should be driving trucks marked clearly with the utility company brand logo.?? Don???t be fooled, and please be extra cautious of any people coming to your door or walking door to door in your neighborhood.?? It is VERY rare for legitimate businesses to do this, and people soliciting for curb painting and other things have been known to come back and rob houses later on.


Please report all suspicious people to the Dallas Police by calling 911 immediately.?? If people call 911 we can get these people out of our neighborhood as the officer will respond and find the people, check id???s, etc. and either arrest them or get them out of our area for other reasons.

Jerry Beech

President, North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol, July 2014

NOCUPP Sucess as shown in crime stats

NOCUPP Combined Crime Stats 208-2013

Crime Statistics for North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol Since its Founding in 2008

The success of what NOCUPP has done to reduce crime in??our area can be seen quickly in how property crime has fallen since NOCUPP started. Overall crime has dropped by at least 50% in the neighborhoods patrolled by NOCUPP (burglaries down 70%,?? theft down 51%, vandalism down 42%, car theft down 60%). The neighborhoods just outside of our patrol area have actually seen some increases in crime??during the same period, so the membership supported NOCUPP patrols most likely are the only reason crime has gone down in our neighborhoods.

West Kessler Success Story

From a West Kessler resident June 11, 2014:

We just recently joined North Oak Cliff Police Patrol and have already utilized them once. It was very convenient. We notice what appeared to be a homeless person camping out in our front yard. He did not seem dangerous, nor did it warrant a call to 911 or to 311 for that fact. Instead I called the direct number for NOCUPP and within minutes a uniformed officer arrived in a squad car and asked our “visitor” to leave. Well worth the money in my humble opinion.

Holiday Thefts in North Oak Cliff

There has been a very large number reports of packages being stolen in North Oak Cliff recently from homes after UPS/FedEx and the USPS leave them at the door step .?? Unfortunately some people are willing to spoil the holidays by taking packages off of door steps. ????With so many people ordering online, criminals have figured out this is an easy way to make a few bucks.?? I have even heard that people may be following the delivery trucks (and the golf carts) UPS and FedEx use during the holidays around the neighborhood and grabbing things packages right after they get delivered.?? Whenever possible please have packages shipped to your office instead of your home, especially for the next few weeks.?? The more it happens successfully the more it is going to encourage others to do the same thing.

If a theft of a package occurs to you please report thefts both to the police and to whichever delivery company made the delivery.?? Let the delivery company know several items have been taken from the area so they start taking extra precautions.?? NOCUPP and Dallas police are taking these thefts very seriously and are trying to catch all the people doing this.?? We are looking for any security camera footage of the potential thieves showing their faces and we want to provide the pictures to both the Dallas Police Department and to the North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol officers so they can try to apprehend the people doing this.?? So far we have not gotten good face pictures, so if you have a camera setup and something is stolen, please check your footage and let me know if you have a good face photo.

In the meantime, please be extra diligent and report any suspicious people to DPD using 911. ????NOCUPP members should also call it into the patrol cell phone and leave any information they can about the thefts so our officers know where this is happening and when, but please call 911 first if you see something suspicious. ??As is typical of this time of year there is always an increase in property thefts and break ins.?? If you see anyone lurking in alleys, or checking out homes, please report it.?? Anyone going door to door should be considered suspicious, as people offering curb painting or selling magazines door to door are often scoping out houses theft.?? There are very few legitimate businesses doing this. ????Burglaries and break ins are extremely common before the holidays.?? ??Be sure to keep outside lights on at night, doors locked and secured, and lock your garage and storage buildings (and be sure your garage door is both closed and locked).?? Anything easy to steal in a yard is going to be stolen eventually.?? Unfortunate, but true.?? Holiday decorations and lights are also a new favorite, so use common sense if these need to be secured to a tree or something.

Finally, we all know better than to keep valuables in our vehicles, but particularly during this time of year use common sense and do not leave anything of value in your vehicle EVER ??— we typically see a large increase in vehicle break ins at this time of year and it only occurs because people leave valuables in their car.?? Please don???t use your car to store Christmas presents or you may have a very un-merry Christmas.

Two last tips, please don???t put old electronics or the boxes for expensive electronics on your curb, this just gives criminals a signal of what you just bought.?? Large boxes can be broken down and taken to recycling centers and be wary of parking lots scam artists.?? It seems every parking lot I go to lately has someone or multiple people hitting me up for money, but some of these people are criminals and at best giving them money makes them stay in the neighborhood and at worse they may break in to cars or assault someone.

Thank you and please be extra careful so that we can all have a safe and secure holiday.

Aggravated Robbery

On Sunday, October 28, 2012 there was an aggravated robbery of a store at Colorado and Beckley which resulted in hostage being taken. An alert went out to DPD by radio and a DPD police car chased the suspect through the KNU neighborhood while the suspect was pointing his gun out the window. While working patrol for NOCUPP our own Detective Huber responded to the radio call. He intercepted the suspect when he came into KNU on Colorado Blvd. When the suspect crashed his vehicle into a KNU yard, Detective Huber placed his patrol car between the suspect and some children who were playing nearby to protect them. The hostage escaped the car there. Detective Huber remained with the hostage while the suspect then managed to drive away down Lausanne, but he was quickly apprehended in the Kings Highway Neighborhood.

This was an unusual and scary experience for our neighborhood, thankfully no injuries occurred except for the suspect who was injured when apprehended and arrested on several counts.

The NOCUPP board wants to officially express our thank you to Detective Huber for his efforts to protect the children and we are grateful that a NOCUPP patrol was able to help in this situation. If you see him, please give a personal thank you to Detective Huber as well. This is an example of why NOCUPP can be so important for us as our member supported patrol can often respond to calls in our neighborhood much faster than regular DPD patrols.