What is NOCUPP?

NOCUPP is a non-profit organization that manages the Expanded Neighborhood Patrol program in nine North Oak Cliff neighborhoods.

What is the Dallas Police Department Expanded Neighborhood Patrol Program (ENP)?

Expanded Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) is a program authorized by the Dallas Police Department (DPD) in which neighborhood organizations may hire armed, uniformed, off-duty police officers to patrol their area. The organizations may also rent a Dallas police car for use by the officers. Uniformed officers, using the squad car, patrol participating neighborhoods, supplementing normal DPD patrols. Many neighborhoods in Dallas are taking advantage of this program as an added step to controlling crime.

What neighborhoods participate?

Today the participating neighborhoods are:

  • East Kessler Park
  • Kessler Park
  • Kessler Plaza/Ravinia Heights
  • Kidd Springs
  • Kings Highway
  • Stevens Park Estates
  • Stevens Park Village
  • West Kessler
  • Winnetka Heights

The NOCUPP board is made up of representatives from each participating neighborhood. By participating in NOCUPP, your neighborhood is able to share the lease and operating costs of the squad car and receive vacation watch and response to calls while the officers are on patrol in other neighborhoods.

How do NOCUPP patrols work?

NOCUPP officers patrol roughly 100 hours per week. The number of patrol hours per neighborhood depends on the number of NOCUPP subscribers??the more subscribers, the more patrol hours. Patrols occur at all hours of the day and night. Times vary in order to keep criminals on their toes. The squad car is fully equipped with DPD equipment, which allows officers to monitor 911 calls and suspicious person reports and to check instantly for stolen vehicles or outstanding warrants. Our NOCUPP officers investigate suspicious persons and vehicles with a goal to remove criminals from our neighborhoods.

How much does NOCUPP cost?

NOCUPP costs $1 per day per household. There are two patrol cycles each year: November through April, and May through October. NOCUPP members may pay for a full year (two patrol cycles) for $365, or for one patrol cycle at a rate of $182.50. Payments to NOCUPP can be made by check or via PayPal. Upon joining, you can request up to two NOCUPP yard signs at no additional cost.

Why should I join NOCUPP?

As a NOCUPP subscriber, you do your part to reduce crime in our neighborhood. Every new NOCUPP subscriber puts us a little closer to our goal of 24/7 patrols. In addition, while all of our residents benefit from NOCUPP patrols, NOCUPP subscribers receive special benefits. When you join, your name and information is provided to our NOCUPP police officers who use the information to learn who belongs at your home and when, and who does not. Members can call patrolling officers directly using a dedicated cell phone number. NOCUPP officers respond within minutes when they are on duty. NOCUPP also provides alarm response, even if the home has had false alarms in the past.

NOCUPP members can request special vacation watches when they are out of town. When a vacation watch is requested, NOCUPP officers regularly check windows and doors of the subscriber’s home while they are away.

NOCUPP members can also request construction watches when their homes are being remodeled. When a construction watch is requested, NOCUPP officers check windows and doors of the subscriber’s home after normal construction hours. If anyone is present, the NOCUPP officers confirm that they belong on the premises.

Does NOCUPP reduce crime?

Yes. Crime is down 50% in the NOCUPP patrol area. NOCUPP reduces crime through a proactive approach, removing criminals from our neighborhoods before they commit crimes. NOCUPP officers get to know the neighbors and the neighborhood, as well as the criminals who frequent our area. Our NOCUPP officers are dedicated to making arrests, not just “shoo-ing” criminals to another neighborhood.

What other neighborhoods have an ENP?

Lower Greenville, Vickery Place, Sparkman, Greenland Hills, Cochran Heights, Hollywood/Santa Monica, Merriman Park/University Manor, Munger Place and Forest Hills are among the many Dallas area neigbhorhoods that have ENP patrols in place.

I thought my taxes paid for the police?

Unfortunately, the Dallas Police Department has a shortage of officers and they need to respond to the most urgent matters first (i.e. violent crime). Beat officers are frequently called to locations outside their beat to answer 911 calls. Prevention of lesser crimes in our neighborhoods takes a lower priority. Other organizations and businesses also recognize the shortage of city police officers. Many hospitals, universities, school districts, and businesses employ full-time certified police officers to supplement city and county law enforcement services. Our neighborhood program is no different. With NOCUPP and the Expanded Neighborhood Patrol Program, our neighborhoods can better control crime at a very low cost.