Fall 2017 2007-2017 A Decade of Service

Tuesday October 24th 7pm at Turner House

Join NOCUPP as we celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary on Tuesday October 25th at Turner House (401 North Rosemont) at 7pm for champagne and snacks.?? This meet and greet event is an opportunity to learn more about NOCUPP, meet our patrol officers, ask questions, and meet other members and the NOCUPP board of directors, including your neighborhood’s representative.

Since 2007 NOCUPP has expanded from one North Oak Cliff neighborhood to now serving 10 neighborhoods in the area and has:

  • Responded to over 10,000 calls for service
  • Performed over 34,000 vacation watches
  • Made over 3,500 traffic stops
  • Issued over 1,300 citations and made over 770 arrests

$1 per day makes a difference in our neighborhoods!!

Join us at Turner house and help us celebrate a decade of service.


Please send in your NOCUPP membership renewal now to ensure we have your renewal is processed in time.

For just $1 per day we can continue NOCUPP patrol in your neighborhood and keep our area safe and secure with this very??effective crime reduction program. Remember, a benefit of NOCUPP membership is access to the NOCUPP patrol officers direct cell phone and you can have vacation watches done for you, but our officers only provide these special services to our current members, not to past members. Renew now before you might need their services during your vacations or holidays!

Pay now via PayPal or a credit card via the NOCUPP web site (note PayPal adds a small fee for credit card payments) and if needed update your information using our online form.


Information Presentation given by Russ Aikman on April 26, 2017 at Turner House

Fall Membership Drive

Posted October 16th, by Jerry Beech, NOCUPP President:

The fall membership drive is now underway.?? Please be on the lookout for your renewal letter, and and if needed update your property information form with any changes.?? We really would like to get email addreses for all members, since most of our communications go out by email.?? If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Posted November 14th by Jerry Beech, NOCUPP President:

Please keep those alleys clear

Some of the alleys in in our area are getting overgrown.?? It’s not just an aesthetic issue.?? Officers of the North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol (NOCUPP) say that criminals can easily hide in the bushes, waiting for an opportunity to commit a crime or safely escape afterward.?? Not only that, in a few alleys police patrol cars have a hard time getting through the alley to do their patrols.?? If they cannot drive the alley it does not get patrolled.?? ??Since a lot of people NOCUPP has encountered in the past in alley have been found with flashlight and screwdriver in hand (hmm…) or a long rap sheet of past theft and burglary convictions, we definitely want the squad car to pass through. ??Keeping our alleys clear helps prevent crime on your block and keep burglars and auto thieves out of our area.

Fire trucks, utility vehicles and other emergency vehicles also need access to the alley even when it is not used by most residents, andthe City of Dallas occasionally decides to stop garbage pickups in a particular alley if there trucks don???t have enough clearance to pass through without touching vegetation.?? Once they City decides to stop trash pickups in an alley, it is a very hard process to get them to agree to do it again, even after your block cleans up the alley.

Cleaning up alleys is entirely the responsibility of the residents, whether you have a garage on it or not, so please take a moment to check out back, and if your shrubs need a trim, put it on your To Do list for this weekend!?? It is a nice time of year to do a little trimming out back and next week (11/18) happens to be bulk trash pickup week.

NOCUPP Officer Becomes Hero for Child

We received the following postive feedback from a NOCUPP member this week:

Officer Huber is my sons new hero! Gavin and I had a brief encounter with Officer Huber at our home when he checked in with us on a vacation watch call we had placed.

My son, having a slight obsession with law enforcement ask him several questions and Officer Huber told Gavin he would stop by in a few days to see if he had been a “good boy” at school.

Well, unfortunately Officer Huber wasn’t able to keep that date, however, this is what we found waiting for us on our front door step today. Please see pictures.

I really hope he understands what a huge impact he made on my son today. Thank you Officer Huber and NOCUPP for being such great neighbors.

Ged Dipprey's Son Gavin 4-14-2013Ged Dipprey's Son Gavin 4-14-2013 part2

Thank you note about the police patrol.

I had a great recent experience that proves how useful this is.

About 10 days ago I left a message on the telephone line as advised about going to [out of own] for a week and requesting supervision. I noted that I would be back in Dallas late in the 25th

the next day late in the afternoon I was unloading groceries from the car to the house when I noted a Dallas police car driving on Edgefield towards Kessler Parkway, it stopped and hesitated for some time before driving on.

I am certain that they knew that my house was under surveillance, decided that I was okay and drove on.

I’m so happy with my annual investment and appreciate your contribution so much

Fall Membership Drive

We are halfway through the fall membership drive for NOCUPP. We need more members. If you have not joined or renewed please do so now. NOCUPP is entirely member supported and the number of patrol hours for each neighborhood is based directly on how many paying memberships we have from KNU neighbors. If you have any questions on NOCUPP or would like membership forms please contact us.