We have two six-month patrol cycles each year:

  • November to April
  • May to October

You can join NOCUPP at one of the following levels:

  • A contribution of $365.00 will support a full year of patrol (two patrol cycles)
  • A contribution of $182.50 will support a single six-month patrol cycle.

Note that subscriptions are not pro-rated and contributions are not currently tax-deductible.

To become a member, complete the Property Information Form below, then:

  • To pay by check, send your check (made payable to North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol) and your completed Information Form to the following address:

North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol
P.O. Box 226216
Dallas, TX 75222-6216

  • To pay by PayPal, click on one of the following links below:

Why Join NOCUPP?

Do Something Good for the Community

  • Take criminals out of the neighborhood
  • Reduce the likelihood for all residents of becoming a victim of crime
  • Send criminals with outstanding warrants back to jail to stand trial for their offenses

Feel More Secure

  • Access to officers via the NOCUPP mobile phone
  • Suspicious person/bump in the night response
  • Alarm response, even if you’ve had false alarms in the past
  • Vacation watch
  • Construction watch
  • Operation ID property marking
  • Crime reporting and investigation support
  • $182.50 auto pay every 6 months
  • $365 auto pay every 12 months

* NOTE: Paypal fees are added on one time payments, and waived for auto renewing subscriptions

  • NEW! Make a donation for extra patrol hours
  • You can enter any desired amount
  • NEW! Officer Holiday End-of-Year Bonus – give directly to the officers who have supported you

  • You can enter any desired amount

Be sure to then fill out the Property Information Form shown below and either send it by email (info@nocupp.org) or by regular mail (to the address listed above).

NOW: Submit Your Property Form:Property Information Formpdfgraphic

Note: Since NOCUPP is entirely managed by volunteers please note that we only process payments and membership information about once every 10 days so there can be a delay between making a payment and when it gets credited to your address, so please have patience with us as you join or renew. *Also, the PayPal contribution rates above are slightly higher ($188.26 or $376.22) in order to cover the fees that PayPal charges us for processing your credit card. These fees are waived it you purchase a recurring subscription!