Thank you for your subscription to NOCUPP. Here is some key information for you as a subscriber:

Contacting NOCUPP:
Upon joining the organization, your neighborhood rep should send you the NOCUPP officer phone number. (In order to ensure that only NOCUPP members contact the patrolling officers, we do not list this number on our website). Sometimes the officer will answer, but more likely you will need to leave a voicemail. NOTE: If you have an emergency, please call 911.

Vacation Watch:
If you will be leaving town for business or a vacation you can contact NOCUPP and leave a message with the patrol cell phone to let them know. A NOCUPP officer will stop by your house to perform a quick walk around to make sure things are OK. When leaving a message for the officers be sure to include your name & address, dates you will be gone, and contact information while away. Also, let them know if anyone else will be at your house (e.g., cleaning service) while you are gone. Note: Please do not email vacation watch requests in, these must be called in to the patrol cell phone by the resident.

Construction Watch:
If you have any construction planned at your home, and the building materials may be accessible to criminals, you can contact NOCUPP to let them know. A NOCUPP officer will cruise by periodically to limit the risk that the materials will be stolen.

NOCUPP Officers:
You may have met one of our patrolling officers at one of our informational meetings. To be clear, there are multiple officers that are part of the NOCUPP team. Different officers tend to work on different days of the week. In order to protect the security of our officers, we do not publish their names and photos on our website. However, many of our officers have been with NOCUPP since its inception in 2007, and all of the officers are familiar with our neighborhoods.

Hours of Coverage:
The more subscribers we have, the more hours of coverage that we get throughout our patrolling area. Our overall patrol hours are based on the number of contributions we receive for each patrol cycle (November-April and May-October). The allocation of those patrol hours is done based on each neighborhood’s level of participation in the program. That said, you should know that the officers do not patrol on a set schedule. They tend to mix up their schedule which means that criminals can’t watch for patrol patterns.

RENEWAL: To Renew your membership:

  • To pay by check, send your check (made payable to North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol) and your completed Information Form to the following address:

North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol
P.O. Box 226216
Dallas, TX 75222-6216

  • To pay by PayPal, click on one of the following links below:
  • Six Month Recurring
  • $182.50 auto pay
  • One Year Recurring
  • $365 auto pay

* NOTE: Paypal fees are added on one time payments, and waived for auto renewing subscriptions

  • NEW! Make a donation for extra patrol hours
  • NEW! Officer Holiday End-of-Year Bonus – give directly to the officers who have supported you

Be sure to then fill out the Property Information Form shown below and either send it by email ( or by regular mail (to the address listed above).

UPDATE: Update Your Property Form: Property Information Formpdfgraphic

Note: Since NOCUPP is entirely managed by volunteers please note that we only process payments and membership information about once every 10 days so there can be a delay between making a payment and when it gets credited to your address, so please have patience with us as you join or renew. Also, the PayPal contribution rates above are slightly higher ($188.26 or $376.22) in order to cover the fees that PayPal charges us for processing your credit card. These fees are waived it you purchase a recurring subscription!

The following sections of our website contain more detailed information about NOCUPP:
Frequently Asked Questions
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Thanks again for being a member and supporting NOCUPP!