NOCUPP Officer Becomes Hero for Child

We received the following postive feedback from a NOCUPP member this week:

Officer Huber is my sons new hero! Gavin and I had a brief encounter with Officer Huber at our home when he checked in with us on a vacation watch call we had placed.

My son, having a slight obsession with law enforcement ask him several questions and Officer Huber told Gavin he would stop by in a few days to see if he had been a “good boy” at school.

Well, unfortunately Officer Huber wasn’t able to keep that date, however, this is what we found waiting for us on our front door step today. Please see pictures.

I really hope he understands what a huge impact he made on my son today. Thank you Officer Huber and NOCUPP for being such great neighbors.

Ged Dipprey's Son Gavin 4-14-2013Ged Dipprey's Son Gavin 4-14-2013 part2