NOCUPP Alert: Recent Garage Burglaries in Kessler Park and Kings Highway – Edgefield, Winnetka, Clinton and Turner

There have been a number of garage break in the last several weeks in both Kessler Park and Kings Highway. These have occurred in the 900 to 1100 blocks of Turner, Clinton, Winnetka and Edgefield since the beginning of September and much more activity has occurred recently. Quite a few of these have happened at night. In one case the garage was not locked (or the door was not forced open), but in others the lock was cut off or the door forced. Make sure your garages and storage shed are secure as possible because until caught, this person will come back and hit other house in the area. Please also keep lights on in the backyard and alley areas.

The best thing that can be done is for people to report anything suspicious. If you hear a break in noise or see someone in your neighbor???s driveway who you have not seen before and they are not home, please report it. If it is at night and it is any where near suspicious report it to 911. The police officers love to respond to this type of incident because they like to catch people in the act an we would rather have a couple of false alarm calls and catch the person then let them run amuck for two months.

In the past, when this has happened we had a month or more of incidents and the suspects get bolder each time, so we need to act now.

Please be on the lookout for people near garages and storage sheds and report any suspicious activity to 911 immediately!!! Let’s catch this person quickly, and to do so we need everyone on alert.