Holiday Thefts in North Oak Cliff

There has been a very large number reports of packages being stolen in North Oak Cliff recently from homes after UPS/FedEx and the USPS leave them at the door step .?? Unfortunately some people are willing to spoil the holidays by taking packages off of door steps. ????With so many people ordering online, criminals have figured out this is an easy way to make a few bucks.?? I have even heard that people may be following the delivery trucks (and the golf carts) UPS and FedEx use during the holidays around the neighborhood and grabbing things packages right after they get delivered.?? Whenever possible please have packages shipped to your office instead of your home, especially for the next few weeks.?? The more it happens successfully the more it is going to encourage others to do the same thing.

If a theft of a package occurs to you please report thefts both to the police and to whichever delivery company made the delivery.?? Let the delivery company know several items have been taken from the area so they start taking extra precautions.?? NOCUPP and Dallas police are taking these thefts very seriously and are trying to catch all the people doing this.?? We are looking for any security camera footage of the potential thieves showing their faces and we want to provide the pictures to both the Dallas Police Department and to the North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol officers so they can try to apprehend the people doing this.?? So far we have not gotten good face pictures, so if you have a camera setup and something is stolen, please check your footage and let me know if you have a good face photo.

In the meantime, please be extra diligent and report any suspicious people to DPD using 911. ????NOCUPP members should also call it into the patrol cell phone and leave any information they can about the thefts so our officers know where this is happening and when, but please call 911 first if you see something suspicious. ??As is typical of this time of year there is always an increase in property thefts and break ins.?? If you see anyone lurking in alleys, or checking out homes, please report it.?? Anyone going door to door should be considered suspicious, as people offering curb painting or selling magazines door to door are often scoping out houses theft.?? There are very few legitimate businesses doing this. ????Burglaries and break ins are extremely common before the holidays.?? ??Be sure to keep outside lights on at night, doors locked and secured, and lock your garage and storage buildings (and be sure your garage door is both closed and locked).?? Anything easy to steal in a yard is going to be stolen eventually.?? Unfortunate, but true.?? Holiday decorations and lights are also a new favorite, so use common sense if these need to be secured to a tree or something.

Finally, we all know better than to keep valuables in our vehicles, but particularly during this time of year use common sense and do not leave anything of value in your vehicle EVER ??— we typically see a large increase in vehicle break ins at this time of year and it only occurs because people leave valuables in their car.?? Please don???t use your car to store Christmas presents or you may have a very un-merry Christmas.

Two last tips, please don???t put old electronics or the boxes for expensive electronics on your curb, this just gives criminals a signal of what you just bought.?? Large boxes can be broken down and taken to recycling centers and be wary of parking lots scam artists.?? It seems every parking lot I go to lately has someone or multiple people hitting me up for money, but some of these people are criminals and at best giving them money makes them stay in the neighborhood and at worse they may break in to cars or assault someone.

Thank you and please be extra careful so that we can all have a safe and secure holiday.