Aggravated Robbery

On Sunday, October 28, 2012 there was an aggravated robbery of a store at Colorado and Beckley which resulted in hostage being taken. An alert went out to DPD by radio and a DPD police car chased the suspect through the KNU neighborhood while the suspect was pointing his gun out the window. While working patrol for NOCUPP our own Detective Huber responded to the radio call. He intercepted the suspect when he came into KNU on Colorado Blvd. When the suspect crashed his vehicle into a KNU yard, Detective Huber placed his patrol car between the suspect and some children who were playing nearby to protect them. The hostage escaped the car there. Detective Huber remained with the hostage while the suspect then managed to drive away down Lausanne, but he was quickly apprehended in the Kings Highway Neighborhood.

This was an unusual and scary experience for our neighborhood, thankfully no injuries occurred except for the suspect who was injured when apprehended and arrested on several counts.

The NOCUPP board wants to officially express our thank you to Detective Huber for his efforts to protect the children and we are grateful that a NOCUPP patrol was able to help in this situation. If you see him, please give a personal thank you to Detective Huber as well. This is an example of why NOCUPP can be so important for us as our member supported patrol can often respond to calls in our neighborhood much faster than regular DPD patrols.