Crime Stats

NOCUPP Program Statistics

As of May 2017
Calls for Service468709011141128113421048108910898531649,824
Vacation Watches180123610212059263435203220635347165039119231,170
Traffic Stops69606475538357486381251197112173,489
Pedestrian Stops12523148

The success of what NOCUPP has done to reduce crime in our area can be seen quickly in how property crime has fallen since NOCUPP started. Overall crime has dropped by at least 50% in the neighborhoods patrolled by NOCUPP (burglaries down 70%, theft down 51%, vandalism down 42%, car theft down 60%). The neighborhoods just outside of our patrol area have actually seen some increases in crime during the same period, so the membership supported NOCUPP patrols most likely are the only reason crime has gone down in our neighborhoods.

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DPD Records of Crimes in Greater North Oak Cliff : DPD Open Data Far North Oak Cliff Area