About Us



The North Oak Cliff Police Patrol (NOCUPP) is an entirely member supported  non-profit 501(c)(4) organization which provides private police patrol service in North Oak Cliff.  Membership dues pay for the off duty Dallas police officers and the leased Dallas police car.   All of the membership dues collected go to funding the patrols, including the officers time, the patrol officer cell phone, and the use of the fully equipped Dallas patrol car.  Your membership helps to ensure the safety of our neighborhoods by increasing the police patrols and giving our officers more time to respond to issues.  Since NOCUPP’s 2007 founding NOCUPP officers have made more than 470 arrests. 

NOCUPP was founded in the fall of 2007 as a private police patrol of the Kessler Park Neighborhood.  The NOCUPP patrol area has since expanded to include East Kessler, Kessler Park, Kessler Plaza, West Kessler, Winnetka Heights, and Stevens Park Village.  Each participating neighborhood association has elected their own NOCUPP board member.  The NOCUPP board members are volunteers who help maintain our membership rosters, property information sheets, track membership dues, and help get NOCUPP yard signs to those members who request them.


PresidentAudrey Pinkerton
TreasurerCarlos Olivas
SecretaryGreg Hausdorf
Officer LiaisonRich Childs
East Kessler Park RepOpen
Kessler Neighborhoods United RepJerry Beech
Kessler Plaza RepMichele Cox
Stevens Park Village RepGreg Hausdorf
West Kessler RepBonnie Roberds
Winnetka Heights RepRuss Aikman
Database and WebmasterJames Taylor